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Alvin L. A. Horn

When love enters into your life it will never leave you. Love builds us up and tears us down, allowing us to grow again. A story of the past, good and bad painted into the present and future through a romantic erotic journey...

BRUSH STROKES -- a story about a man who gives up on love because of how it has hurt him in the past. His lifestyle and passions let women be near him, but not close enough to let any new possibility of love take control of him. But love is strange in how it finds it's way to us. Yet when it finds us, will we do what it takes to keep it?

The characters in Brush Strokes ride a flowing river of words sending the story through rapids and serene passages. Immerse into the intertwining journey of these complicated characters woven into a tight page turner.


From Ramona Robinson's Book Reviews:
Bad Before Good & Those In Between

Alvin L. A. Horn has once again come with a gritty novel full of murder mystery eroticism, and love, that grips your heart and leaves you wanting more.

His novels are never filled with marshmallow fluff or fairy dust, but instead are stories of real love, and perfect love, relatable love, and true love. He somehow weaves that emotion into characters who are raw, and always riding a fine line between right and wrong, but whom you cannot help but love. In this instance, you follow Zelda. She is a beautiful brown woman who is coming into her own as a woman, a lover, a person who finds her strength in the family she has built. She also learns there can sometimes be a price to keeping them safe. 

Mr. Horn always fills the story with characters who will resonate with anyone who reads his books. It may not be the main storyline, but as he sets up a story for you, the subplots are so familiar that you must remain to find out what happened with your folks. 

I also love that he gives you a soundtrack. He’ll drop a song and artist so that it begins to play in the background of your mind as you listen to the isms of various characters in the book as they drop wisdom in the voice of your auntie, your uncle, your cousin, your sister.

Bravo Mr. Horn on another beautifully written page-turner. Don’t miss Bad Before Good & Those In Between! I strongly suggest you read this novel.

BAD BEFORE GOOD & THOSE IN BETWEEN - The Kindle/ebook  -  Paperback . “BAD BEFORE GOOD & THOSE IN BETWEEN”, is a very good story, of Murder Mystery, Romance on Seattle’s Beacon Hill.

You will enjoy

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and now

BAD BEFORE GOOD & THOSE IN BETWEEN where Love and romance laced with eroticism blend with stalking, violence, and philandering, murder-mystery threaten the well-being of the professional and private lives of characters in the Emerald City of Seattle...

Perfect Circle is an outstanding novel that takes the reader on a journey into the lives of four main characters. From their present day experiences, in expert form Horn shapes the journey by taking readers back to their youth; a time that influenced the trials and tribulations they encounter as mature adults; ultimately leading to triumph. Like a well-seasoned ensemble, the storytelling is a jazz ballet in written rhythm. The melody of Horn’s composition will allow readers to experience the gamut of feelings as you read each voice clearly singing their distinctive blues in the love game, and the ecstasy when overcoming life’s challenges. 

Perfect Circle
 does not rush you into the mystery, danger and sexual tension that boils beneath the surface, but the story grips you and takes you deep into its maze of plot and sub-plots. Surrounding you with suspense, discovery and redemption, Ayman, Lois Mae, Sterlin and Vanita are characters who have loved, lost and are hoping to love again while proving there’s much more going on besides the rain in Seattle. On the campus of East Seattle City University, The Shark Basketball Team takes a back seat to the adults who are committing fouls in an effort to win at love. 

Perfect Circle
 transitions through whom to date, and who might have dated someone before. Perfect Circle intertwines the subjects of mental health, spirituality and, hidden truths, and, criminal acts, backstabbers, awakening senses and awareness.


Friends and foes, politicians and lovers intersect in this exciting novel of love, lust, and crime in the Emerald City.

In One Safe Place, lightning strikes of dilemmas and storms of lustful deeds intertwine with the well-thought citizens, as well as the criminal-minded. Under Seattle’s cloudy skies, the morally minded kiss the sexual deviant for advancement of careers and social status. Once again Alvin L.A. Horn rains down love, lust, and crime in the pursuit of clear skies in the Emerald City.

Everyone wants and needs one safe place, and former secret service agent Psalms Black puts thoughts and actions into his social righteousness. He knows how to exact revenge by any means necessary. His sexy lover, Gabrielle Brandywine, used to be the most powerful woman in the world as the Secretary of State of the United States. She still has clout, but has personal issues that can derail Psalms’ desired purpose in life. He and his friends are stealthy and tend to interpret human nature with skillful cleverness. In the mix though, are their own lives and love, and sexual issues must be controlled to complete missions.

Life is complicated when the deviant creep out of waters and from behind snow-capped mountains and mix with politics, sex, and dark money shadows. If evil acts occur like putting hands on a woman, or threatening a child, or harming a friend, you better hope Psalms Black and his friends don’t find out or someone could come up missing, or wish they had. Whether someone is on the right side of morality or if someone steps over the line, everyone wants and needs One Safe Place.
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