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About The Author

Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn has lived, breathed the Northwest air, and floated in all the nearby rivers and streams leading to the Pacific Ocean. As in the stories of Hemingway, the poetry of Langston Hughes, and the novels of Walter Mosley, their writings – as well as Alvin’s – are all byproducts of their childhood environments and their subsequent travels. Alvin’s African-American experiences in his Emerald City background, shines through in his poetry, short stories, and novels. 

Growing up in the “liberal on the surface” Seattle lifestyle, Alvin’s child rearing was grounded by interactions with Black people who had jobs, who could go most places they desired, and who were not residents of stereotypical ghettos. He feels that his passion for writing was triggered by his mother sending him to the library when she placed him on restriction; often for daydreaming while in school. He also credits the little gray-haired white lady – the librarian for introducing him to the likes of Richard Wright and Zora Neale Hurston. Upon reading the work of Nikki Giovanni, Alvin knew he wanted to be a writer of love stories and poetry.

 “Some of my erotic writing imagination came from my dad leaving Playboy magazines in a not-so-secret place. My friends were fixated on the pictures; but me, I just read the stories…most of the time.” 

Alvin also had a storied athletic career as an athlete, a coach, and as a musician; the skill, talent, and knowledge gained from those backgrounds often shows up in his writings. Alvin played sports at the University of New Mexico in the mid-70s, and had a short sports career after college. Prior to launching his writing career, Alvin had a fifteen-year stint in the aerospace industry. For the last fifteen years, Alvin has worked in the field of education teaching life-skills, poetry and creative writing, and working with at-risk youth.

Alvin is a highly acclaimed spoken word artist which allows him to travel and promote his art of words. He has balanced his writing career alongside doing voice-overs for radio and TV, music, video, and movie productions, as well as acting. His writings have appeared in many periodicals ranging in genres from fiction to erotica. He can often be found all over the Northwest reciting poetry and playing stand-up bass at different venues, but he has a fond admiration for Houston, Hot-Atlanta, Vegas, Vancouver, B.C., and most parts of California and New York. Most of all, Alvin loves being on the back deck of his houseboat writing love poetry and stories.

Alvin L.A. Horn is the author of:

The World That fell into My Dresser Drawer; a book of poetry, 2001 
BRUSH STROKES; a novel, 2005
PERFECT CIRCLE; a novel published by Zane, Simon & Schuster, 2012 
ONE SAFE PLACE; a novel published by Zane, Simon & Schuster, 2014 
BRUSH STROKES; the re-release, with an added short Story, 2016
All are available in paperback and e-book. 
To read more about names mentioned in these books, Tylowe Dandrige, Ayman Sparks Psalms Black, read these books.


"Maybe he thought he could read her mind with her head next to his because he sure wanted her to know his thoughts. He wanted her to understand the world might be breaking apart; but no matter what, he knew in his heart and mind, she was his one safe place to lay his burdens down."



"A woman is a King maker, a man is a Queen keeper; the sun rises, the moon never sets on their kingdom. The Queen is rich; the King protects her heart of gold. Her King leaves his legacy. His Queen is his authentication."



“A man may admire what a woman does for a living; he may admire her education and social circle. He may be enamored with her physical beauty; but he only truly falls in love with the softest and warmest part of her – her soul.”


"Sadly, the tales of many women who walk into a pawnshop with the blues of a broken heart are waiting for the birth of brighter days as she is broke and in need of money. Too often, a woman rips a ring off her finger and attempts to throw it off a mental bridge. In her dreams, she sees a display piece for sale to the next dream come true."


Alvin L.A. Horn is also a contributing author in the anthologies: Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night, and The Soul of a Man 2, and a writer for the Inner City News, and a feature writer for Real Life Real Faith Magazine, as well as several other publications.


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Alvin L.A. Horn was voted the 2012 Billboard Best Erotic Romantic Spoken Word Artist of the year. You can also hear his voice audio art and leave feedback on SoundCloud

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